Salt City Vans


SALT CITY VANS was organized in 1975 by a group of nine people with one common interest VANS. The club's first meeting was held on September 7, 1975 at Jamesville Beach Park. By 1977, the club had grown to a membership of 28 vans, and on July 30, 1978, became incorporated under the name SALT CITY VANS LTD.

Today Salt City Vans Ltd. is the only actively organized van club in the Syracuse area. The current membership participates in monthly meetings, parties, fund raising events for the club as well as local charities, and most importantly VANNING!!! Our monthly newsletter keeps the club informed of upcoming activities. The newsletter is also available to non-members at a nominal annual fee.

The formal vanning season in the North East starts in April at SPRING THAW in Pennsylvania and continues through late fall. Salt City Vans Travels together and competes as a club in Vanning events called a “TRUCK-IN”. The club has many trophies and has made valuable friendships with other club members from around the country.

Salt City Vans also hosts its own TRUCK-IN, named “PROVANITY”. Club members participate in the planning and running of the event. Part of the proceeds from our TRUCK-IN is donated to charity.

But the club's activities don't stop at the end of summer. Our other events include a Mid-Winter party that is open to the public not just vanners, member’s only Halloween parties, member’s only Christmas parties and other club related gatherings. Like a second family our members are always willing to help each other anytime they can. Of course we are always ready for a good party!

In the past 25 years we have donated approximately $10,000.00 to various charities.

In 2005 we will celebrate our clubs 30th anniversary while holding PROVANITY 25

For more information regarding the club, its activities, monthly meetings, or membership, contact Salt City Vans @ Salt City Vans
Salt City Vans